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Reflective Series

Energy Saving Films

Reflective films feature reflectance on both interior and exterior surfaces for superior reduction in summer cooling costs and heat retention in winter.
Providing a high level of glare and heat control, they are scratch-resistant, shield 99% of UV rays, and are available in earthtones, skytones, silver, and gold to meet aesthetic goals.

Red Bull Racing Office with R-20 SR CDF Silver film
Red Bull Racing Office. Milton Keynes, UK. FILM: R-20 SR CDF (Silver)

Performance Data

Film: RN-07G SR PS - ( One-Way Mirror ) Show

Film: R-15B SR CDF - ( Bronze ) Show

Film: R-15G SR CDF - ( Gray ) Show

Film: R-15BL SR PS - ( Blue ) Show

Film: R-15GO SR PS - ( Gold ) Show

Film: R-20 SR CDF - ( Silver ) Show

Film: R-35 SR CDF - ( Silver ) Show

Film: R-50 SR CDF - ( Silver ) Show

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