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CTX Series

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The Tint Guy recommends Autobahn Ceramic Series by Huper Optik for anyone wanting automotive window film like CTX.
Ceramic Automotive Films

Signal Enabling Window Films

In a world filled with GPS devices, mobile phones, and satellite radio receivers, it’s more important than ever that your window film blocks heat and not your connection with the outside world.  LLumar CTX films use Ceramatrix Advanced Technology to provide up to 60% heat rejection – the highest of any LLumar signal-enabling automotive film.  This prevents interference with your car’s electronic signal transmission, included GPS, satellite radio, keyless entry or mobile phone reception. CTX does all this while still providing the style, privacy, glare and UV benefits of other LLumar films.

Available in multiple charcoal shades

LLumar CTX Series window tint levels transmission
[image and depicted tint levels for illustration only]

Performance Data

Colour: Charcoal VLT TSER UVLR GR VLR
CTX 05 CH SR HPR 5% 60% 99% 94% 8%
CTX 15 CH SR HPR 17% 55% 99% 81% 8%
CTX 30 CH SR HPR 31% 50% 99% 66% 8%
CTX 40 CH SR HPR 43% 47% 99% 52% 8%
CTX 50 CH SR HPR 58% 35% 99% 36% 8%
VLT – Visible Light Transmission (Less light means darker tint!)
TSER – Total Solar Energy Rejection (Helps keep you cool!)
UVLR – Ultraviolet Light Rejection (Protection from UV rays!)
GR – Glare Reduction (Makes driving safer!)
VLR – Visible Light Reflection