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Platinum Plus

See Select by Huper Optik

The Tint Guy recommends Autobahn Select Series by Huper Optik for anyone wanting automotive window film like Platinum Plus.

Select Series Films

Reflective Films

The Platinum Plus series provides maximum heat rejection to ensure comfort for all passengers. The unique all metal construction combines performance with a reflective look for increased privacy.

LLumars Platinum Plus reflective window tint light level transmissions
[image and depicted tint levels for illustration only]

Performance Data

Colour: Silver Neutral VLT TSER UVLR GR VLR
PP 20 LU SR HPR* 20%* 61%* 99% 75%* 18%
PP 35 LU SR HPR 37% 52% 99% 59% 18%
VLT – Visible Light Transmission (Less light means darker tint!)
TSER – Total Solar Energy Rejection (Helps keep you cool!)
UVLR – Ultraviolet Light Rejection (Protection from UV rays!)
GR – Glare Reduction (Makes driving safer!)
VLR – Visible Light Reflection