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Platinum Plus

Reflective Films

The Platinum Plus series provides maximum heat rejection to ensure comfort for all passengers. The unique all metal construction combines performance with a reflective look for increased privacy.

LLumars Platinum Plus reflective window tint light level transmissions
[image and depicted tint levels for illustration only]

Performance Data

Colour: Silver Neutral VLT TSER UVLR GR VLR
PP 20 LU SR HPR* 20%* 61%* 99% 75%* 18%
PP 35 LU SR HPR 37% 52% 99% 59% 18%
VLT – Visible Light Transmission (Less light means darker tint!)
TSER – Total Solar Energy Rejection (Helps keep you cool!)
UVLR – Ultraviolet Light Rejection (Protection from UV rays!)
GR – Glare Reduction (Makes driving safer!)
VLR – Visible Light Reflection